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New York 10021, USA
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Harriet Richardson-Cockerline

Harriet has been performing professionally for 10 years and has visited over 40 countries on her travels. She began working here in England as a choreographer for Park Holidays UK at the age of 19. She then went onto travel the world on the biggest cruise liners. After being a production vocalist/dancer for 6 years she then made her own guest entertainer show named “Broadway Bravado” which took her audiences on a journey through her dream roles in musical theatre. She has been a vocal director and show installer for the cruise industry along with also appearing in Starstruck ITV (season one) earlier this year. Harriet has released music on Spotify late last year with an EP coming soon. She is excited to be working here at the act with insanely talented colleagues and to bring her love for not only musical theatre but pop rock/soul into one of the coolest new venues in town!

Instagram – @harrietishear